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Picture Researcher: Suzannah Morris

U.K based professional picture researcher, working remotely.
Clients include:
• Pearson Education
• Dennis Publishing
• Cengage Learning

Resourceful. Reliable. Recommended.
Contact +44 (0) 7714 340583 E: [email protected]

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Picture Researcher: Susannah Jayes – Freelance / UK

Susannah Jayes – Freelance Picture Researcher
Based in London, UK, I have more than 25 years’ experience in researching images for books, magazines, partworks and online/website publishing from numerous sources within the UK, Europe, the USA and worldwide (from picture agencies and libraries, galleries and museums, to private photographic collections, PR companies and corporate sources). I offer an efficient and professional service in all aspects of image sourcing, rights clearance, fee negotiation, licensing and copyright issues, and all related administration, working to tight schedules and budgets. My subject areas have included art (modern art and art history), history, school and college educational, fashion, photography, design, architecture, film, advertising, travel, biography, food, antique collectables, children’s books, reference, and general interest. I am set up to work at home, with Mac OS 10.6., and I am also available for in-house projects in London. My full CV is available on request.

Email: [email protected]

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Picture Researcher: Jennifer Camilleri – UK

I have over 15 years experience working as a picture researcher. Searching all content for still images within the publishing/marketing industries for arts/illustration/historical/news and purchasing appropriate licenses.

A solid knowledge of where to seek the best images for your project. I can turn searches around quickly and accommodate your budgets.

Jennifer Camilleri
E: [email protected] [email protected]
T: 07724578181

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Mainstream Data – Content Delivery Solutions

Content Delivery Solutions for news, video, and photo agencies
Managed ftp • video/photo websites • satellite networks
Mainstream Data moves media. Whether you provide text, photos, graphics, video, or mixed mul­timedia, Mainstream delivers your content to customers at lightspeed—securely, reliably, and inexpensively. Our managed FTP, satellite, and website solutions have powered the global news industry since 1985, delivering millions of news items to clients on every continent every day.

Managed FTP – Our managed FTP content delivery solution has become the industry standard because of its capacity, speed, flexibility, and reli­ability. In fact, while some agencies struggle to get their few hundred photos and videos out on awards nights, we pushed out more than 1.3 million images and videos on ‘Oscars Night’—without any problems. No wonder Mainstream’s MediasFTP solution has become our customers’ competitive advantage.

Video/Photo Websites – We built and operate the world’s largest multi-agency multimedia website, which hosts an archive of 80,000,000 objects that include images, graphics, video clips, news stories, and digital images. This site accepts, processes, transcodes, archives, and indexes 100,000 new images and videos per day while managing more than 25,000 active users and effortlessly generating analytics, invoices, and producing millions in revenue.

Satellite Networks – We have built and operated survival dependent satellite networks for news agencies, movie distributors, and critical care information companies for more than twenty-five years. For our satellite customers, delivering content not only generates revenue; it literally saves lives as well. Needless to say, our networks assure unparalleled reli­ability, but we also make them simple to set up, highly flexible, and surpris­ingly affordable.

Mainstream’s customers are content and technology leaders in the global information industry and include Bloomberg, Reuters, the New York Times, the Guardian, Technicolor, Splash News/Corbis, european pressphoto agency (Germany), ANP (Netherlands), Agencia EFE (Spain), Nunn Syndication(UK), Deutsche Presse Agentur (Germany), Lusa (Portugal), MaxPPP (France), Food and Drink Photos (UK), Keystone (Switzerland), Endemol (Australia), NI Syndication and The Press Association (UK).
We understand news media because we move more of it than anyone else in the world. To learn more about how we can build a high speed, reliable, and low cost content delivery solution

Richard Buckler Director, EMEA & OCEANIA • [email protected] • +44 (0) 1293 561120 • +44 (0) 7711 717935Us Today

Mainstream Data European Operations
Griffin House
135 High Street
West Sussex
RH10 1DQ
Tel: +44 (0) 1293 561120
[email protected]

Mainstream Data Headquarters
375 Chipeta Way, Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Tel: +1 801.584.2800
[email protected]

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CiT Digital – image workflow systems and picture library solutions

iMediaFlow™ is a full workflow based solution that allows photographers and staff to upload images to the library from anywhere in the world at any time, 24×7, 365 days a year. It is entirely browser based and access to upload files is via fully integrated FTP using secure username and password.
iMediaFlow™ enables accredited users to upload digital files 24/7 enable registered users to swiftly search and download what they need 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Improve your workflow from contributor upload through to metadata tagging and high resolution download, all within the sanctuary of a secure password protected environment.

Managed Solutions
Outsourcing your collection to CiT will enable you to take advantage of the individual areas of expertise that our highly experienced staff can offer. We can manage the whole process from receiving new submissions through web upload to customer download, or we can just help you with specific aspects of your library process.

Metadata Management
With many years of experience in this area our metadata experts can work with you to create your own Controlled Vocabulary which is used during the cataloguing process to ensure all that contributors use uniform language whilst ensuring the relevant keywords/synonyms are selected.

Image Quality Checking
We have developed an automated image QA system which checks various criteria including uncompressed file size, colour profile and file type to ensure that they match the criteria established by the client and will disallow files that do not conform. This integrated approach to QA means you don’t have to rely on additional processes of software to assess the quality of your submissions received. In addition, CiT Image Technicians can perform full image QA, opening and checking the selected files at 100%.

With many years of experience in this specialist area, our team can offer advice on the best way forward for your collection. We are happy to give an unbiased opinion on matters such as commercial viability, options to consolidate a collection and data transfer from one system to another.

CiT Digital
28 Kenwood Park Road,
Sheffield, S7 1NF UK.
Telephone: +44(0)114 258 2400
E-mail: [email protected]

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Photographer • Videographer • Picture Researcher location service

Photographer / Videographer & Picture Researcher location service – Worldwide +44(0)7802437827
• Editorial & Commercial photographers and videographers
• Picture editors for magazines and newspapers
• Picture researchers and picture production professionals for book and digital projects
• Photo curators/editors for private collections

The network of photographers, photo agencies, videographers and picture researchers is vast and quick to locate.
Call Will on UK: 07802437827 Email [email protected]

We can quickly locate a Photographer or Videographer in most countries and we have daily communication with Picture Research & Photo Editors (stills & multimedia) most are freelance and some looking for longer/full time roles

Call: 07802437827 Email: [email protected]

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Capture Online – Digital Asset Management

Capture Online is a true Digital Asset Management system that allows all the digital assets and media for an entire organization to be stored centrally and then accessed and re-purposed as required. Part of these assets could be the picture library content available for e-commerce licensing or print sales – but the same system could equally-well handle marketing materials, learning packages of varying types of asset, sensitive images only accessible by internal lawyers, and many other categories of digital assets. Only those with the correct permissions would be able to see the relevant assets.
Contact: Nick Hodder, Sales ([email protected])

Managed Collections

At Capture we like to think differently – and our Managed Collections division is an example of that.
Capture provides services to manage collections on behalf of clients – in other words, you can outsource your work to Capture whenever you need. We believe in the spirit of collaboration and parties helping each other to become successful – and that can mean anything from an outstretched hand during a difficult period through to ramping up resources to meet the challenges of growth.

The Capture team consists of dedicated individuals with invaluable skills and experience, and includes experts in keywording and metadata, digital workflow, image production, digital asset management and of course software development. In addition to this, the Capture team includes two trained accountants who provide invaluable advice and support. We regularly collaborate with a network of consultants and industry experts to keep in-line with industry standards, enhance our products and find smart ways of working.

Keywording and metadata

Capture Keyworder is a unique web-based keywording tool allows users to upload, caption, categorise, keyword and prepare metadata for distribution to agents, consistently and efficiently — in as many languages as they wish from anywhere in the world.

Assets are only as valuable as the metadata attached to them to make them easily retrievable – Capture Keyworder ensures the quality of keywording is consistent and speeds up the process allowing for higher productivity. Batches of images can be assigned to keyworders and workflow monitored.

Capture Keyworder can be standalone, or an integral part of Capture Online – the fully-featured web-based back-office system.

For more information about our products and services, please visit

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Providing image and footage related services, from Keywording, Translation and Keyword Correction to Scanning, Retouching and Editing, at competitive rates without compromising on quality. With our wide range of services and customer commitment, EasyResource is respected and trusted by many of the key players in the industry, including two of the biggest picture libraries in the world. EasyResource are also one of the only approved suppliers for Getty globally.

Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we will strive to find a solution that fits.

For more information or to discuss your needs please contact us:

[email protected]

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MRM Associates – picture research and copyright clearance specialists

The professionals at MRM Associates have over twenty years’ experience in publishing and copyright clearance. We research content—still images, footage, audio recordings, art and illustrations, and literary and academic text—and secure the appropriate licenses for leading content developers. We work with publishers, multi-media producers, NGOs, and non-profit organizations.

MRM Associates has a solid knowledge of copyright issues and stays abreast of the ever-changing copyright landscape. We know where to go for the best images and have close working relationships with commercial photo archives, photographers, artists, museums, and government agencies. We ensure that your project not only possesses a high level of aesthetic appeal, but also correctly conveys the meaning of your message.

MRM Associates
Picture Research & Copyright Licensing
tel: +1 250-537-2594
email:[email protected]

Member Picture Research Association
Member American Society of Picture Professionals
Member Visual Researchers’ Society of Canada / Association des recherchistes en audiovisuel du Canada

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A Listing on this page costs £100/year – £49 for freelancers

Photo Archive News is visited daily by stock photographers, picture library owners and directors, picture researchers, picture editors and art directors. The site is visited by around 15,000 industry people a month registering 35k page views.
A listing on the Photo Business Suppliers page to include a your company logo and a direct link to your site costs £100 for a year.

To book your listing all I need are:
- Your logo or a photo/’s
- A brief description of your business service.
- Contact details.
I can do the rest from here, and then invoice you when you are happy with your listing.
Email [email protected] Phone UK 07802 437827

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