Shutterstock event for London designers – 10 Sept starts 7PM

Updated Fri 19 Sept: the video of the event just dropped in …watch ↓

UPDATED Thurs 11 Sept: looks like the event was well attended Steve!

Tues 9 Sept
ShutterstockPixelsOnPAN reader and Shutterstock UK Biz Dev chap Steve West dropped us an email yesterday to say there are a few tickets left for the Shutterstock Pixels event tomorrow (Wednesday 10)
Details are above – Anyone interested should email Steve on

Watch how the New York event went ↓

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Getty Images boing Bing = controversial Image Widget now removed

Getty Images sent Microsoft a legal note last week about the launch of ‘Image Widget’ on Microsoft’s search platform Bing. The Beta widget allowed users to download and embed any image on the search engine. They appear to have taken the note seriously as the widget has been temporarily removed.

Swift work!

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Event: 18th September, PICTAnight – ‘Legally compliant image licensing on social networks’

A useful evening of legal learning here from the The Federal Association of Professional Image provider (BVPA) in Germany – their latest PICTAnight social evening event on the 18th September will feature keynote speaker Tilo Dinter lawyer from the law firm Dinter Kreißig & Partners, a specialist on the areas of copyright, competition and patent law. In his keynote lecture, he will tackle the legal framework of image licensing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Related areas of law such as design and trademark law will also be covered.

PICTAnight – Picture Licensing in social networks
• 18th September 2014, 19:00 At 21:00
• Café and Restaurant TELEGRAPH, Dittrichring 18-20, 04109 Leipzig
• Admission to PICTAnight costs 45,00 € – for non-members it’s 59,00 EUR incl VAT

NB: The next BVPA annual image trade fair PICTA will take place on April 23, 2015 in Emporio Tower, Hamburg

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Launched: Getty Images Prestige – a curated collection across major stock photo subject categories

Getty Images has launched Getty Images Prestige – ‘a new selection of our highest-quality imagery, distinguished by a unique aesthetic approach, exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality.’ The edit for this new collection (just under five thousand images) has been hand-selected by their in-house creative experts and features unique collaborations between award-winning photographers and Getty Images’ Art Directors and Editors.
Paul Foster, Senior Director of Creative Content at Getty Images has made his selection from the collection and answered a few questions …
Why are you launching Prestige images now?

With the explosive growth in mobile technology and social networks, photos and videos – not words – have become the most popular way to share. Imagery has become the most important method of communication – in a sense you can say that it is the world’s most spoken language. We have launched Prestige images now because brands, NGOs, publishers and consumers need to easily find and harness the power of truly exceptional visual content to differentiate, capture attention and meaningfully engage with their audiences.

How are Prestige images curated?

Much of the imagery in Getty Images Prestige is the result of the unique relationship between art director and photographer that often have been established over many years; collaborating to devise and conceptualize unique and original ideas and new takes on classic themes.

Curated by the very best editors and art directors in the industry who understand what imagery resonates most powerfully with the audiences our customers are trying to reach, Prestige images allows our customers to create standout creative work.

What do you look for in a Prestige image?

In short, the best combination of creativity and commercial relevance for our customers. This means we look not only for the best of the raw, authentic moments of real life captured by the talent in the crowd, but also for the highest standards of photographic craft in terms of lighting, composition, re-touching and the highest production values – high quality models and locations, excellent styling, propping, hair and make-up and so on.

We are always looking for a diversity of photographic styles, for original ideas and executions, unique perspectives or hard to get and highly valued subject matter, including non-reproducible moments.

We also look for imagery that is strongly reflective of current photographic and visual trends, or is forward looking and will resonate with what our research suggests will be the future customer tastes and needs. In fact, a lot of Prestige imagery has been shot under our creative direction, informed by the unique creative research we undertake into emerging visual trends – imagery that meets and anticipates future visual communication needs.

Our creative research leads the industry in terms of its unique sources of data, including the 80 million image sales every year on and feedback from our global teams, customers and staff, and the visual analysis we undertake into wider advertising trends.

Why choose Prestige images over a commissioned shoot?

Prestige images offer an accessible alternative to expensive, time-consuming custom photo shoots, without compromising on quality. Customers have access to images with high production value and similar rights granted without having to spend the time or money setting up a shoot, sourcing models and location, and thus avoid unpredictable costs and the risk of not being happy with the final results. Prestige images can be licensed exclusively, ensuring the image is unique to your project and will not appear elsewhere.

View Paul’s lightbox from the Prestige collection here

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Get your library listed on PAN – be seen on this site everyday

Picture Library & Agencies page: £95/year see listings page
Photo Business Suppliers page: £100/year see listings page

Email or call Will on UK 07802437827 to get your picture library or picture service listed.

The Stats
• PAN has been reporting daily stock and editorial photo industry news for 14 years
• PAN is visited by over 15,000 photo industry people monthly
• Over 50% of those visitors return weekly
• Visitors are worldwide
• Here’s what our readers say about PAN
• Visitors are Picture Researchers, Picture Editors, Designers, Photographers, Photo library owners/staff
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• PAN is Media Partner to fotofringe and The Picture Editors’ Guild Awards

Email or call Will on UK 07802437827 to get your picture library or picture service listed.

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National Trust instructs Shutterstock to remove all NT property images

Here’s a thread gaining momentum on the Shutterstock Contributors forum: National Trust Properties images removed.

Shutterstock: “On August 27 we received a message from National Trust Properties to remove all images containing their properties from the Shutterstock libraries. These images cannot be resubmitted as editorial and all future images of National Trust Properties will be rejected.

If you had National Trust Properties images in your portfolio and are currently seeing less images available, it was most likely due to this removal. An email about the removal was sent out but may not have been delivered to your inbox by accident, we apologize for the inconvenience ”

One Shutterstock contributor comments: ‘Have just had clarification from the National Trust on this and so long as you are on a public right of way, you are within your rights to take photographs for commercial use of National Trust land/property.
It’s a shame no one stands up to them, they are silly really and it would be more beneficial to them if they struck a deal with stock agencies and took a small cut of sales instead of being heavy handed.’
…..Follow this here

This could be a major problem for some specialist (and a few of the big) picture libraries with content from contributors who don’t have a license-to-shoot NT properties….
Have you had a note from NT? Are they even allowed to pull these images? – email me on

• National Trust Visitor FAQ’s covers photography
• Great guide here from Shutterstock Known Image Restrictions – Places & Landmarks

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Stock Spot: Home lifestyle Cut Outs

Enjoyed this simple stock photo promo which dropped into the PAN email this week from Architectural and Home lifestyle photo agency EWA Stock – a fresh look on their content, ‘Cut Outs’ – have a search around here

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Stock-Spot: Trains and boats and planes… from Architectural stock image specialists

↑ Click it to view & license images

Another fresh drill-down on a stock collection this time from London based Architectural & Interiors photo library Arcaid Images – the full promo email dropped into the PAN news desk. This one worked well ‘Trains and boats and planes…

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Spotted: Shutterstock celebrate 40M images with a selection of 40 classic stock photos

Had this PR into PAN a few weeks ago and just had another look – great selection! – on the Shutterstock blog content marketing manager Sarah Maloy has selected 40 images from the 40 million now available.
’40 million images added to the Shutterstock collection! To celebrate, we’ve curated a stunning selection of imagery for you to explore. From Asian landscapes to wild-animal closeups to underwater wonders, these 40 incredible images are all available on Shutterstock, captured by contributors from all across the globe….’
View Sarah’s selection here: 40 Images That Will Change Your Perception of Stock

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Alamy at 50M images

Stock photo agency Alamy reached 50 million images online this week.
Rachel Wakefield, head of sales, said: “Our growing collection delivers a great competitive advantage, with lots of great new content being added all the time our collection continues to offer the depth and breadth our customers are looking for.”

• Alamy’s first collection was IMAGINA Photography, and it now represents over 600 agencies
• Alamy’s content is supplied by a network of 130,000 photographers

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